A Winter Outfit – OOTD

I am currently packing for a 10-day trip and everything needs to fit an Easyjet standard carry-on. All my clothes need to be versatile and be worn in 14°C Barcelona, 5°C Brussels, and -1°C Budapest. Below is an outfit I intend to wear for a night out in a trendy restaurant. I will definitely post …


Russian New Year outfit

привет ! Hello there! This week, an exquisite friend flew from Moscow to visit me in France and we went to celebrate the Russian new year with some Parisian friends. The festive holiday season was a bit cruel on me this time : I did not fit into my winter party dresses. There was no …


Chinese New Year outfit

Now that the gregorian new year is over, it is time to get ready for the Chinese new year, which will be on… January 31st 2014. I am planning a little ahead on my outfit. What do you think?     Dress : THE PAGEANT Or this dress I custom-designed in Beijing :