1. ahh so cute i love this!! your cropped blazer is ADORABLE! omgosh i’m in love with the cut! i love this photo you look so happy :)

    thank you for your sweet comment. i would actually love to share the part of my life about volunteering.. especially since i’ve gotten so use to sharing SO much of my life for the past few years. however when i took a few pictures my husband caught me and said “nononononono” and i was like ‘ why? ‘ he was like ‘this is a US hospital & a military installation.. you’re violating about a dozen Hipaa laws.. that’s both federal laws and we could be court marshaled by the military” *GULP* so i hit the delete button lol! anyways i don’t want to get my husband in trouble or potentially hurt his career since both mine and his faces are all over my blog lol!

    truthfully what i do is not that interesting i’m sure the intern really gets in deep with people and patients.. i’m just there to be a helping hand.. wherever they need me :) but doing it 3x a week has really given me a lot of structure and i quite enjoy it. i felt a little lost since we moved around so much and finding work in a foreign country is nearly impossible especially since i don’t speak german but i’m quite enjoying it i feel like i have a purpose at the end of the day.

    lol thanks!! i made honey walnut shrimp last night and i remembered to document it so it’ll go up on my blog this week hehehe!! i was quite my cooking post was so well received so i’m going to try and do more of them!!

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