Winter Wedding Witness outfit

Winter wedding censored

Winter wedding outfit- Fondamentally 君悦

Hat : WILLY’s Paris création REY



Fur : L. GASKA, fourreur Paris

Necklace : Heirloom gold

I had a tough time putting together an outfit for the official wedding ceremony. I am used to weddings in spring and summer, but I have never had a winter wedding before so I did not have a go-to outfit. Moreover, as the legal witness to the wedding and the matron of honor,  I had to be dressed for the part. I would like to stress the fact that I dress according to the traditions : my outfit would be very different for a jewish wedding, an atheist wedding or a modern wedding.

I absolutely love this hat from Willy’s Paris (1824) : it can be worn in 2 different ways. The most common way is with the flap down, and it becomes a perfect hat for summer. The other way  is to wear it with the flap up, like I did above : as such it can be worn during the winter because there is no sun, which defeats the purpose of shielding from the sun! A hat at Willy’s can be quite expensive but it is an investment.

As an example, below is an outfit for a spring wedding in which I was also the legal witness, this time early spring. Again, it was difficult to put together something appropriate when it is still cold. Basic rules when dressing up for a French christian wedding : always cover your shoulders in the Church, never wear white, off white, cream or any colors remotely close to the bride’s dress’, and do not be sexy.

Spring cold wedding censored

Winter wedding outfit- Fondamentally 君悦



Outfit : SISLEY



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