Russian New Year outfit

привет ! Hello there!

This week, an exquisite friend flew from Moscow to visit me in France and we went to celebrate the Russian new year with some Parisian friends. The festive holiday season was a bit cruel on me this time : I did not fit into my winter party dresses. There was no time for a crash diet so I pulled out a very versatile statement dress I already wore this summer.


Russian NY outfit – Fondamentally 君悦

I figured that with the right accessories and an elegant hairdo, this KRISVANASSCHE silver dress would do.

The artistic director for Dior Homme since 2007, Kris Van Assche has opened his boutique KRISVANASSCHE in 2013 at 16 rue Saint Roch, 75001 Paris France. I am in love with this statement dress, suitable in many circumstances, at a beach or at a party.

What do you think?


Russian NY outfit – Fondamentally 君悦
photo 4

Russian NY outfit – Fondamentally 君悦

photo 2

Russian NY outfit – Fondamentally 君悦

photo 1

Russian NY outfit – Fondamentally 君悦



Russian NY outfit – Fondamentally 君悦



Shoes : LANVIN



Necklace : Heirloom

Rings : Heirloom


Headband : MASSATO


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  1. omgosh OBSESSED!

    you looks absolutely gorgeous! and your outfit is stunning. i know what you mean though. the entire holiday season starting in november does not help set you up to putting on a slinking skintight dress for NYE’s lol!!! i had to go to hubs work ball towards the end of december and my ballgown was so tight i had to wear 2 layers of spanx and practically had the hubs zip me up with pliers to get the zipper to go up HAHA.

    but you look STUNNING! and omgosh i cannot stop looking at your heirloom jewelry your diamond rings are gorgeous!

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