Easy homemade Pot au Feu – Sunday Stew

Rustic or Bistrot-style cuisine, described in Maupassant or Balzac, this dish is historically cooked in the chimney, and the vegetables and ingredients will be added as needed. Modern French households no longer use chimneys so Pot au feu (literally Pot on the fire) is cooked for a meal, and no longer for a week time during which the pot stays in the fire mantle.

Despite my obvious enthusiasm and my previous efforts at the Agneau à la cuillère, the Bar en croûte de sel, the Poulet basquaise and the Pot au Feu,  I still feel obliged to remind you that I am not a seasoned (or qualified) chef… Yet! So the recipes I am showing you are candid demonstrations from a girl with no culinary school background and limited tools. These recipes are not Fondamentally’s, they are traditional, home cooked cuisine!  That said, when I cook these recipes, they meet with the approval of the people I care about – or perhaps they care about me enough to say so.


Today, French supermarkets sell packs in which one may find all the ingredients except for the meat : celery, carrots, leeks, turips, white onions, cloves and a bouquet garni with maybe some bay leaves. Below is a pack bought in a French supermarket.

pot au feu 2

Pot au feu – Fondamentally 君悦


Ingredients for 4-6 people :
– pieces of beef shank, beef ribs… ask your butcher for the good pieces for pot au feu. He should also be giving you a bone. Maybe even some beef marrowbones ! I personally love the ox tail.
– 1 white onion
– 2-3 whole cloves
– 1 bouquet garni (or thyme if you do not have a bouquet garni) and bay leaves
– cooking salt
– 1 stack of celery
– 3-5 carrots
– 3-5 leeks (I put as many as I can as I looove leeks)
– 1 turnip
– potatoes if you like them but I am trying to limit my carbs intake.
If you have strings, you can tie the beef pieces in a tight bundle. As I did not have strings, I did not and everything turned out ok. If you have marrowbones, it is recommended to wrap it up in a very fine cooking cloth and then tie it a tight bundle. I did not get marrowbones, and I do not own this fine cooking cloth so I guess I need to buy one. Place all the meet in the cocotte or in the largest pot you own and pour water to cover everything inside it. Heat the pot and skim all the grease and fat : just look at this picture below! Then when the water boils, turn it down to a low simmer and add everything else in the pot, for 2 to 3 hours. Do not forget to add water if it evaporates !
pot au feu 4

Pot au feu – Fondamentally 君悦

Season it with pepper and cooking salt if needed. Obviously, if you cooked it the traditional, classical way, the food should have been wrapped up but honesty, this is home cooked and I am not going to be bothered with wrapping food… unless I have guests around. So the broth can be eaten with the meat and the vegetables or you may serve the broth before the meat and the vegetables.

pot au feu 3


  1. YUM!!! this looks delicious very warm and hearty especially for the cold weather we’re having right now!! going to try this recipe thanks for this :)

    your backsplash is so pretty! reminds me of spain hehe :)

    thank you for your sweet comments i lovee that gold dress!! and now that you mention it is does remind me of the j’dore dior commercial. i just wish i looked half.. ok i’ll even take a 1/4 as good as charlize theron does lol!!!!


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