January 2014 Obsessions

Bonjour! January came to an end. What were my obsessions last month?

Obsessions - truffe noire - Fondamentally 君悦

Obsessions – truffe noire – Fondamentally 君悦


N°1 obsession : la truffe noire, from December until March. At home or in restaurants this January,  I have eaten truffles with eggs, with scallops, with pasta and with potatoes. I have until March to try it with cheese and with meat.

If you watch the link below, you may soak in the very special atmosphere of a truffle market. This one is Moussoulens’ AMPELOFOLIES and this January, truffles were sold 1000 Euros the kilo.


Obsessions -君悦Fondamentally

Obsessions – Compagnie Robin -君悦 Fondamentally

I have discovered Cyril Robin’s liquors. He is from the island of La Réunion, an expert in Rum, and has a background as an oenologue, a wine maker. We really felt the fruits in his apéritifs and enjoyed experimenting with these alcohols instead of the regular wines and champagnes at the dinner table. The Mûre des Corbières for instance can be savored with a Roquefort soufflé. You may find his products at www.compagnie-robin.com and contact Cyril directly on compagnierobin@gmail.com.



Obsessions – Granhota- 君悦 Fondamentally


We have not tried the other Granhota vinegars but this vinaigre au gingembre is very special. I am an avid salad-dressing maker, and I may get a little tired with the generic apple vinegar, the real and expensive balsamic vinegar, the red or white wine vinegar, and the vinaigre de framboises (raspberry) found in shops. This ginger vinegar provides a real punchy and fresh alternative that is also very aphrodisiac. You may find the whole range at Laurent Faure,Rue Béranger 1110 Coursan tél : +33(0)683418949 or through his e-mail granhota.sas@gmail.com.


Obsessions- Marie Sharp’s and Mango Tango Caribbean Sauce -君悦 Fondamentally

We do not find Marie Sharp’s products in France so I have only discovered them recently and boy do they spice everything up. We love everything spicy, chilly, hot… The Mango Tango sauce is becoming my go-to sauce for chicken : it is like worcestershire sauce with exotic fruits in it. Now, the question is : how am I going to procure them when I run out?


Obsessions – Kevin Murphy – 君悦 Fondamentally

I must confess, this is not only a January obsession but a year-round obsession. However, this Masque of an Angel is the brand new Kevin Murphy product for 2014, and it has this organic fresh lavender smell I love in the Angel range. In this pack, I got a shampoo, a rinse and the masque. My hair is happy.



Obsessions – Kevin Murphy – 君悦 Fondamentally

As you may notice, I go a little crazy with Kevin Murphy…


Obsessions – Book and magazines – 君悦 Fondamentally

I am currently finishing Peter F. Hamilton’s PANDORA’S STAR and I highly recommend this complex space opera. The characters are very well drawn, the plot reminds me of those in  convoluted Russian classic literature, and the dialogues and descriptions are written in a very cinematographic way. I know I am not telling much, but read it. I am about to start Volume 2. My go-to magazines this month : Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair and Monocle. I love AD all  year – round, and I decided to include it in my first Obsessions. The French version of Vanity Fair is not a year old yet, some articles are just translations of the American one, but I have been reading it since it was published first so it must say something.  I also love Monocle : this month, it is a worldwide forecast from Oregon to Turku.

I did not include the Special “Closer” divulging our président François Hollande’s affair with  actress Julie Gayet, a tabloid magazine I kept for a few days. I dumped it so it must also say something. For the kicks though, here are several really great representations of French contemporary music by genius Benjamin Biolay, featuring Ms. Gayet. Enjoy :


Obsessions -Bello & Angeli – 君悦 Fondamentally

I have also been nibbling on Dark Chocolate this month. It is a really good habit to pick up, as it stops my sweet craving. Bello & Angeli is a year old new French brand selling a large range of artisan chocolates, from Kalamansi and ginger to Nepal’s pepper, and there is this collection of Dark Chocolate  from 60 to 70 % of cocoa. Very fun trying to guess the origins of the chocolate, and truly, each country’ soil and climate produces a special taste, from Ivory Coast’s coconut note to Venezuela’s prune and coffee note. I am not a chocolate expert, but I am getting an education. Orders by email only : jaimelechocolat@belloangeli.fr



Obsessions -Starbuzz E-Hookah and flavor cartridges – 君悦 Fondamentally


Finally, my last January obsession : my Starbuzz Electronic Hookah! Disclaimer : I am not a cigarette smoker, not even an occasional social one. I do not enjoy cigars as well. Hookah is nicotine free and there is a lot of vapor : it actually smells great and leaves a delightful flavor in the mouth! There is no addiction and it is an alternative to after dinner chocolates or drinks. Very hedonistic.

On my playlist :

What are your January obsessions?

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