Joyeux Noël !

Joyeux Noël! Well almost… It is Christmas Eve.

photo 1 (2)

Joyeux Noel – Fondamentally 君悦 

The tree was first decorated in silver but it looked bland, so it was redecorated again and ta da ! To me, nothing smells like christmas like a real christmas tree…

Strangely enough, one of the best place to buy christmas decorations is, in fact, Naples. Yes, Naples, the origin of pizza Margherita, the city of Gomorrah… Naples hosts an annual holiday boat parade too, but I have not attended it yet. One more events to attend in my evergrowing list…

processions à Naples

Joyeux Noel – Fondamentally 君悦

I did see some processions when I was in Naples…

Les anges à Naples

Joyeux Noel – Fondamentally 君悦

And I was very impressed by the many shops selling christmas decorations.

Noël à Naples

Joyeux Noel – Fondamentally 君悦

And nothing brings my inner child more than Christmas.

Napoli les santons

Joyeux Noel – Fondamentally 君悦

Of course, you may find Nativity decorations at any “Village de Noël” in France! Intricate decorations may cost between 7 and 40 Euros.

Other than Christmas decorations, Christmas is also about the Bûche de Noël for the French.  It means “Christmas Log” and it is a pastry in the shape of … a log, or “Yule Log”. Some pâtissiers make truly amazing Bûches de Noël. For example, here is the yearly wonder from La Grande Epicerie de Paris, the Bon Marché’s groceries store.

This year, our Yule Log is a conventionally festive one.

photo 2 (2)

Joyeux Noel – Fondamentally 君悦

Trust me on this : this bûche is not as innocent as it looks. It is a real calorie bomb!

The Christmas spirit is also about the Christmas movies. In France, we may watch Narnia or It’s a Wonderful Life. But we have Peau d’âne, a 1970 Jacques Démy musical film about “Donkey Skin”, a princess portrayed by French icon Catherine Deneuve…

photo 4 (1)

Catherine Deneuve – Peau d’Ane

Catherine Deneuve sings and wears beautiful dresses besides her donkey skin.


Catherine Deneuve – Peau d’Ane

As a little girl, I was dazzled by her dresses “colors of the weather”, “colors of the moon” and colors of the sun”.

photo 3 (2)

Catherine Deneuve – Peau d’Ane

And she sings too!

So what will you be doing tomorrow? Maybe marveling over your new gifts? In any case, Joyeux Noel you all!

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